5 Budget-Friendly Cars Under $30k That Never Go Out of Style

Looking to buy a car that is under $30,000, but won’t go out of style in a few years? These top five cars are our favorites, whether their vintage design is already adored or they are just instant classics.

1. Jeep Wrangler


Jeep Wranglers remind me of song from Taylor Swift’s last album. While they might not have a James Dean daydream look in their eyes, they certainly never go out of style.

If you are looking to purchase a Jeep, you need to know that they will maintain their value for literally ever (as long as you take great care of it). Your Jeep will be looking like it is brand new for years to come!

A Wrangler might be on the pricier end of this list, but it is solely because Jeeps really don’t depreciate much after the initial purchase. Often times, as soon as you drive your new car off the lot, you’ll find that it immediately loses some of its value, but Jeeps are definitely different. 


There’s nothing out of style about this old wartime Jeep, which proves that it is one car that will always stay valuable on the market. Vintage Jeeps can be worth a ton of money! Models from the 40s and 50s are known to sell for well-over $30,000.00.

If you get a Jeep, this might be one car worth saving and selling a few decades later!

Imagine yourself in a Jeep? See the one we have listed here.

2. Honda Civic


The Honda Civic is known for being a reliable car that will last you for years. You can drive these babies till the wheels fall off (not recommended.)

A lot of people who are first time car owners on a budget opt for buying a Civic because they know that the car will last for a long time, while also staying valuable.

When purchasing a car, try staying away from all the “cool new-kid cars on the block.” They might be shiny, have a lot of gears and gadgets, and they may even promise fame and fortune, but it’s always a better idea to get a car that’s proven it’s value on the market. The Honda Civic has already done that and then some.


Look how adorable this vintage 1970s Civic is. This is one car that is surely a keeper!

3. Mini Cooper


Mini Coopers aren’t just for our neighbors who live across the pond.

These cars have been around since the 1960s, thus proving that they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. As you can see from the picture below, the overall design hasn’t changed too drastically since the Mini Cooper was introduced to the auto industry.

You’ll find that a lot of Mini Coopers are manual, but knowing how to drive a stick shift is something that can be easily taught. I learned within ten minutes and that is really saying something. If driving a stick terrifies you, there are also automatic versions of this car, you’ll just have to keep your eyes peeled for that particular factor.


Get in touch with your inner Brit and see our Mini Cooper for sale with one click!

4. Volkswagen Beetle


The Volkswagen Beetle is a car that really hasn’t changed much since it’s initial conception.

All of these cars have one thing in common, which helps keep them away from just being trendy. They all share similar designs to the original car with limited modifications. A really great car doesn’t need to be completely revamped.

The Bug is a great example of a timeless car, which is evident through the bottom picture.


Say hello to this classic love bug! It’s still hard to see a Beetle without automatically flinching from an unexpected punch in the arm.

5. Toyota 4-Runner


The Toyota 4-Runner is an amazing utility vehicle that could’ve possibly started the SUV movement.

It seems like after the 4-Runner came out, other manufacturers really started getting on the ball with creating competition for this vehicle.

The 4-Runner has moved towards being a bit more versatile and isn’t just seen as a car that you can go muddin’ in with a group of your high school buddies.

The original 4-Runner is still considered pretty dang cool, but the new ones feature a wider grill and a larger body.

This pearl white 2013 4-Runner from Providence Auto Group is a must see.


Seriously, how are they not getting stuck? Must be some 4-runner magic!

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