5 Handy Christmas Gadgets to Get Someone for Their Car

Now that Halloween is over, we can get down to business. Christmas is officially 46 days away, which means you better start preparing those never-ending lists of presents. Here’s a few inexpensive ideas that you might want to consider adding to the mix.

1. Torras Aluminum Magnet Center Console Holder



The stylish Torras Aluminum Magnet Center Console Holder is the perfect stocking stuffer for the techie in your life.

Gone are the days of worrying about your cell phone flying out of the window during a bumpy ride with the Bonnie to your Clyde. With that being said, we all know someone who definitely needs this gadget.

Fidgeting with your phone to get it in and out of a holder is annoying and a dangerous activity to participate in while you drive. Luckily this gift completely solves this problem. With a little pick-me-up power, you can easily remove your cell phone away from the dash.

The base of the Torras magnet centered holder comes in grey, rose, and gold. Moreover, this is great news for all of you who love to match your accessories!

Get magnetized by this device by picking one up here.

2. AGPtek 3.5 mm Bluetooth Aux Cord Replacement

AGPtek 3.5mm AUX Car Bluetooth Receiver Speaker Music Streaming Receiver Adapter with Hands Free Calling for iPhone


There’s no better way to say, “Pass the aux cord over,” than by gifting the AGPtek Bluetooth Auxiliary Plug-in to your tone deaf significant other. I promise it’ll make the ride to your in-laws’ house so much easier.

The sound receiver connects to your phone through Bluetooth and streams any song you play on your phone to your car speakers. You can also talk on the phone hands-free by connecting your calls to your speakers in the same manner.

Gone are the days of tangled up cords and #iPhone7problems.

New gadgets with Bluetooth capabilities have re-branded the technology by coining the term “wireless technology” to fit their product descriptions. Suddenly, Bluetooth is back at it again, which means it is no longer only for the man strangely talking to himself at the airport.

Save $6.00 and buy this wireless adapter online at Walmart.com.

3. Xcellent Global Wireless Key Finder

Xcellent Global Wireless RF Key Finder Item Locator Indoor Pet Finder with Base Support and LED Flashlight, Remote Control Keys Caller Locator Kit M-HG053


My car keys currently feature a mammoth-sized dog and 92 1/2 key chains. Finding my keys has always been a problem, which means I wish I would’ve known about the Xcellent Global Wireless Key Finder a lonnnnngggggg time ago.

The Key Finder comes with one remote control and four different colorful buttons, which will help you remember where the heck your pesky keys are. Once you lose them, just press the color on the remote and listen for loud beeps + flashing lights.

You can tag the buttons to anything, so if you have trouble losing a particular item, it might be a good idea to attach one of these to whatever it is, whether it’s your cell phone, purse, dog, toddler… you get the picture.

Gift this memory-maker for the forgetful person in your life or your co-worker who is always late! It’s a great gift to buy for under $20.00.

4. Portable NexGadget USB Essential Oils Diffuser


In essence, the NexGadget Aroma Therapy Diffuser is something everyone needs in their car. I once met an Uber driver who had one of these and I immediately transformed into a state of mediation.

Kidding… but it definitely made for a relaxing drive.

Hints of lavender and jasmine can definitely take the edge off of a stressful day of work, followed by a long commute. No one needs that kind of negativity in their life.

This product is also compact enough to carry with you any where. Take it with you to your yoga studio, grab it when you need a long relaxing bath, or even carry it with you to the coffee shop. It’s capable of diffusing good vibes every where you go.

Right now, the Diffuser is currently marked down from $80.00 to only $23.99 on Amazon. This is definitely an incredible gift and a great bargain, so don’t miss out!

5. JFA Smart Car Air Ionizer

The JFA Air Purifier looks like a aluminum coffee mug, but this little sucker packs a punch against bad odors.

Take it from its Amazon.com reviewers. One happy customer described, “I can tell whenever I remove the filter that there is dust and dirt inside of it so it must be pulling out something out of the air. I definitely feel confident with having it.”

Other reviewers who smoke in their car said that it has completely eliminated the lingering smell. This is a great gift for someone who loves the smell of cleanliness. 

Like the Aromatherapy Diffuser, the JFA Air Purifier can be taken along with you wherever you go. The two products are similar in size and general operation.

Grab it now and save 20% off on Amazon

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