6 Truths About Toyota Priuses & Why You Should Drive One

Introduced in 1997, Toyota Priuses have pretty much been the poster-child for a more environmentally friendly vehicle. Some people love them and others not as much, but there’s no doubting their popularity. If you aren’t a Prius enthusiast, there may be a few things about this little machine that you may not know – which is where we hope to come in. We’ve rounded up 6 things you may not have known about the Toyota Prius, and why it really is one great car to drive.

1. They’re actually super roomy
While it may be a “car” and look little on the outside, the Prius actually has a ton of room on the inside. With a much more slanted dashboard, the amount of room from the front seat to the windshield is much greater than a typical car, so it make the entire interior of the car seem longer. The dashboard is fills with technology and features, plus it’s where the gearshift is, so is much larger and more jam-packed than a typical dash. There’s plenty of leg-room in the back row, and way more space in the truck than you would ever guess. So while the lack of space in most car models won’t work for a lot of people, it’s very possible that the amount of space inside a Prius could get the job done.
2. The gas mileage really is amazing
-Everyone knows that Priuses are earth-friendly and have great gas mileage, but do you really know how good it is? Priuses get up to 48 mpg in the city and 51 mpg on the highway. Like seriously?! This means you can go up to 576 miles on a SINGLE TANK OF GAS! If that’s not amazing to you for a car this size than we’re not sure what is. It’s got significantly better gas mileage than a smart car and it’s about 3 times the size of one…if you’re going for serious fuel economy you just can’t beat it!
3. You actually don’t have to charge them
These babies are hybrids, so this means it’s only half-electric and it still runs on gasoline. If you ever chose to drive one, you won’t have to worry about the battery dying or expensive electric bills. You can just start trying to set and beat your own personal record of how long you can go without having to go to the gas station 😉

4. They last way longer than you’d ever think
Most people know that Toyota’s are crazy reliable, so Priuses are of course no exception. Just because they are half-electric or get amazing gas mileage does not at all mean that Toyota skimped in their manufacturing of this model. The same reliability and longevity that comes with any Toyota comes along with the Prius, so rest assured if you drive one of these babies you will be saving money on gas and saving the planet for years and years to come.

5. Safe as can be
As great as value and amazing gas mileage are, when it comes to cars, safety should always come first. And as if the Prius couldn’t get any better, they actually have a 5-star safety rating, so along with all of the awesome features previously mentioned, you can drive around knowing you’re riding in one seriously safe vehicle.

6. It’s one of the most affordable cars to own
Even though Priuses are hybrids and get great gas mileage, you can always find them at an awesome value (especially used, and particularly at a certain car dealership we know and love 😉 ). Since they’re Toyotas (aka: super reliable), they rarely have issues so you’ll save money on repairs. And last but certainly not least, since they are so environmentally friendly, you’ll save tons of money on gas and will hardly ever have to visit the pump. We’d call that a total win-win-win!

After all that’s said and done, Priuses just plain rock. They’re reliable, affordable, safe, roomy, filled with amazing technology, are earth-friendly, stylish, the list could go on and on. If you’re at all interested in a Prius, take this as a sign to finally go for it, or at least take one for a spin. Your wallet will thank you, and your new Prius will not let you down.

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