A New Employee’s Take On Our 19th Give

Let me start by introducing myself. I’m Kacey and have recently joined the team at Providence Auto Group assisting Terresa, the company’s AWESOME accountant. (It’s hard to call her an accountant seeing as how she is more like the hub and willing to do anything necessary to help the team succeed). I can really say that I have been amazed by every single person that works as a part of this team, and in the short 3 months that I’ve been there, I already feel blessed to be a part of them.

Coming on board, I knew the integrity of this group was something lovely and unusual. They never lose sight of the original purpose that Simon, Nathan, and Mike had in mind when they began Providence – serving and giving back. This was a huge part of my reason for joining, but this Wednesday really brought it home for me.

There was a beautiful family of 8 chosen from a local shelter we work with called Safe Haven that we welcomed into our cabin.
They were embraced with open arms and showered with love, refreshments, and snacks. We all spent time together getting to know them and love on them before the great reveal. Simon, Nathan, and Mike all took a moment to say something aloud for the family before we gathered together to pray over them and bless them as well as the vehicle.  This was where I really started to choke up. To me, there is nothing more beautiful then giving God the glory in all that we do! How awesome is it to belong to a team (I’m going to go ahead and start calling family) that puts God first in this day and age. Before profit, before selfishness, before pride, their hearts were obedient and it was incredible.
After they prayed and blessed the family and their van, everyone except the family awaited them outside  where they would see their new ride for the first time. One by one the father and each child came down the steps with such joy upon their faces as they saw a new hope in this van. The tears began to stream from my eyes. The mother of this beautiful family could not contain her emotions as she, too, saw a new future for her family. Wow! I am reminded of how blessed I am to have transportation for my family. They were all smiles from here on out as we got them all buckled in and on their way.
I just can’t begin to express the gratitude I felt that God brought me to this place with these people and this LOVE. There is no better way to demonstrate God’s love than to share it with others. Some days at work are hard and overwhelming. Some days are stressful and seem like the work will never be done. Wednesday reminded me why it’s not about me and my stress. It reminded me of the heart behind this company and that every car sold is hope for one more family.
Thank you to EVERY hand at Providence Auto Group for all that you do in allowing God to PROVIDE through us as a family in Christ. May we never lose sight of our purpose here.

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  1. Pamela whittaker
    June 14, 2017

    What a beautiful testimony!
    Sincerely, Pam

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