See How the Batmobile Evolved Over the Course of 70 Years!

Even though the Batmobile made it’s first comic book debut in the 1930s, it has carried its recognition as the sweetest car known to mankind into the present.

Initially the car didn’t have all the bells, whistles, and insane gadgets that it does now. It was just a plain ole red four door convertible, which is kind of hard to imagine.

As technology advanced in America, so did Batman’s new whip. It wasn’t a coincidence either. As a testament to the future, the car became equipped with super cool functions and Batastic abilities.

With time, the Batmobile became part of Batman’s image and received just as much attention as the Bat, himself. Furthermore, a new question was raised: Who needs flying capabilities when you own the world’s coolest car?

Check out how Batman’s car began to evolve after the 1950s (when it really started to become the full-blown Batmobile it is today).

1. 1950s Classic


DC Comics

The 1950s Batmobile was a little plain, but was starting to take it’s shape early on. The front of the car featured a Batman-inspired mask and a pretty normal set of headlights. That front bumper, doe.

Basically, the Batmobile was a normal car, but it was pretty apparent who the driver was. Forget a vanity license plate, Batman seemed to take this concept to a whole different level. Can’t say I blame him though.

The concept of the capabilities of technology are pretty interesting in this particular scene from the famous comic book. The emergence of the Batmobile coincided with Americans’ feelings about modern technology and the interest into developing these new advancements even further.

The idea that Batman is driving something that is way ahead of its time shows that the Batmobile was already beginning to become the super tech savvy car that it is today.

2. 1960s Flare


1960s design was all about sharp lines and crisply cut angles. Likewise, the Batmobile definitely seemed to get the memo on this one. The new and improved version featured an unmistakable signature stylish car that was fit for the coolest super hero of all time.

The most well-known version of the 1960s Batmobile from the TV show is this 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car. According to the 1966 Batmobile’s official website, the automobile was the masterpiece of car designer Bill Schmidt.

Schmidt created the shark-inspired car based off a scuba diving experience gone wrong. If you look closely, you can totally tell the car sort of does look like a shark!

3. 1970s Convertible


In my particular opinion, I prefer the 1960s Batmobile to the model used in the comics of the 1970s. The car’s design carries the more traditional Batmobile colors of navy and black, but just sort of seems like a regular convertible to me.

But I could totally be biased. I love 1950s and 1960s design…

The inspiration behind this particular car was the 1970s style Corvette, which is pretty apparent when you look at a picture of a blue 1971 Corvette.


See any similarities between the two? I sure do! Most of the Batmobiles drew inspiration from Chevy’s most famous car of all time.

6. 1980s/1990s Movie Stardom


Director Tim Burton really brought the Batmobile to life on the big screen with his 1989 film, Batman. Always being a risk taker, Burton made the Batmobile look more cartoonish than ever. The over-the-top automobile looks avant-garde to say the least, but hey, that’s what movies are for.

I feel like this particular design of the Batmobile might be the most memorable. There’s something unmistakably “Batman” about the whole thing. Plus, the movie was wildly successful. This is the Batman that us 90s kids remember!

The car is a real automobile that is sort of a conglomerate of multiple cars. The car is based from a Chevy Impala and a Chevy Corvette. Other models were tried, but this is the final one that the designer, Anton Furst, ended up with.

Learn more about this amazing car here!

7. 2000s


Finally, I’d be seriously remiss if I didn’t discuss the current status of the Batmobile, which is looking pretty sick these days (in a good way). You may’ve seen this beauty in the Dark Knight, which is probably the best Batman movie in history.

While that’s debatable, this Batmobile is undeniably legendary. The picture used is actually a model of the Batmobile that a fan built. Pretty insane, huh? I can imagine that took a verrrrrrryyyyyy long time to do.

This military-grade car, referred to as the Tumbler, is equipped with a ton of cool features such as: tank-like abilities, rocket blasters, and essentially being a Transformer. The Batpod (a motorcycle Batmobile) is able to form from the exterior of this super tech-driven cool guy of a car.

Could the Tumbler be the best Batmobile of all time? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

Let us know in the comments which Batmobile is your favorite!

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