Hittin’ The Road Soon? Keep these 6 Road Trip Tips In Mind!

Road trips are an interesting subject – some people love them, some people hate them, and some are right there in the middle. No matter how you feel about road trips, though, the truth is that they are typically a more economical option, they’re usually smarter if you have tons of stuff or people (or both) to bring with you, and they give you more freedom both on your way and once you arrive at your destination to do what you want. So if road-tripping is the option of travel you decide to choose, how does one get through those lengthy hours in the car? We’ve rounded up 6 road-trip tips that will help make your next road trip the best yet!

6 Road Trip Tips To Remember Next Time You Head Off:

  1. Make Sure Your Car Is Good To Go – To avoid any unnecessary stops on the side of the road that’ll delay your trip, make sure your car is ready to rock n’ roll. Clean out your car, get your oil changes, tires rotated, change out your wiper blades, make sure your tank is full, all that mumbo jumbo. You can’t always expect to get to where you’re going without taking care of the vehicle that’s getting you there, right?! If you’re an avid road-tripper, maybe consider getting a AAA membership so you never have to really worry about what would happen if something went wrong on your way.
  2. Pack A Snack & Drink Cooler – Once you’ve got your car squared away, time to focus on the fun stuff. To make your road-trip much more enjoyable, pack a bag/cooler of a few of your favorite drinks and snacks and keep it within reach. This will keep everyone much happier and more pleasant between stops and will even keep you from stopping less (well, for food anyway)
  3. Bring Activities For You And Your Passengers – If you’ve got kiddos, set them up with a DVD player and a movie or a coloring book and some markers, whatever works to keep them busy. If it’s just you, make sure you’ve got a good playlist to jam out to and maybe bring a book with you (as long as, of course, you’re not the one driving) Having something to do makes time tick by just a little faster and makes the hours of sitting much less miserable.
  4. Play the ABC Game – We know it might sound lame, but really, this is a fun game for people of all ages. Let us tell you how it goes – so everyone starts with A (obviously) and as you’re driving you search for a sign, a license plate, a sticker, anything along the way with a word that starts with an A. The first one to yell out the word gets it, and so they move on to B. You have to get a word of each letter in order to move on in the game, and the first person to get to Z wins the game. This game can last a long time and it’s fun for everyone to search, play, and try and beat each other. You can make it even more competitive by offering a cool prize to the winner.
  5. Make A Plan…But Keep Your Expectations Low – Try to plan out things like where you want to stop, how often, when you’ll switch off driving duty or how many hours you’ll drive that day (if it’s not a day trip), but also keep your plans loose as well. Plenty of unexpected things can pop up such as car trouble, bathroom breaks, etc., so if you keep your expectations low about your plans going exactly as you pictured, you’ll be much less stressed and easily bothered by minor hiccups in the plans – thus leading to a much more enjoyable road-trip.
  6. Have FUN! – Sitting/driving in the car for hours is not exactly the most fun thing to do, but try to make the best of it! Have fun talks, blast some tunes and sing your heart out, let yourself eat some good food you wouldn’t normally eat – try to enjoy every single part of your trip, rather than agonizingly counting down the time until you make it to where you’re headed. It is vacation after all, and vacation is always too short not to enjoy it!


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