Inspection Process

Ever wonder how dealerships prepare their cars for retail sale? Well, not all dealerships are created equal. Some go to great lengths to get them ready, like factory CPO vehicles (certified pre owned, cars which are priced at or above Retail Book Value), others just go straight from auction to the lot without a cleanup. We have all seen both!

At Providence Auto Group, we have pioneered our own process that checks, double checks, triple checks, and then checks again! We’ve realized that the more people that put their hands on the car and inspect it, the more things can be caught and corrected. It also allows us to sell “used cars” in the most transparent way possible.

1. When the buyer purchases a vehicle for Providence Auto Group, they’re also purchasing a post-sale inspection. This is a $120 auction inspection and 14 day insurance policy that allows PAG to do further inspections and return the car if necessary.

2. A certified PAG driver then picks up the vehicle and conducts an inspection of their own by filling out a form of his/her driving experience, often being anywhere from 30 minutes to 12 hours depending on where the car came from. They even code the vehicle to make sure there are no stored engine codes before leaving the auction.

3. Upon arrival at the PAG reconditioning center, the vehicle is put in line to be inspected by a qualified employee where an extensive check list is used – checking everything from window switches, CD players, bluetooth connections, power doors, convertible tops, to even more simple things like dome lights, blinker switches, and button functionality. A minimum of 1 hour is spent driving the vehicle and inspecting its features.

4. Next, it goes a certified 3rd party mechanic, and often the nearest factory dealer for an additional inspection (more mechanically related). If it were to fail our standards at this point, it is returned to Auction. An estimated 1 in 5 cars are sent back that do not meet our expectations.

5. The car is then taken into the emissions testing center where an additional state standard emissions test is preformed, to make sure every car we sell can be registered.

6. Next it’s time to detail the vehicle. Our detail crew combs through every crevice using advanced eco friendly steaming technologies, where the car is even sterilized for its next owner. The detail team even has their own checklist of things to check and preform!

7. Lastly, a final set of eyes is put on the car. The car is inspected to ensure it’s in the best possible shape and that all PAG standards are met. The car is then merchandised according to its Certification Level, and a buyer’s guide / condition report are created for the window – where everything from scratches, interior blemishes, and even tire depth are noted. At that point, it gets the official Providence Auto Group sticker pressed on the bumper, ensuring it’s a reliable vehicle.

We don’t want to say we’re perfect – because we’re not – that’s just the nature of used vehicles. What we DO want is the highest level of transparency possible, an easy and trustworthy buying process, a great deal (often the best, or top 15% of the market), and most of all – the ability to serve our community with a giving and loving spirit.

We are: Car people, Loving People.