Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer Heat With These 9 Handy Tips!

While the summer heat can be great for pool days or getting a tan, when it comes to driving it is no fun at all. Hot and stuffy cars, burning hot leather seats, sticky legs and a sweaty back are just a few things that make driving in the summer no fun at all. That’s why we’ve rounded up 9 tips of how to keep your car cooler in the summer to making driving in the heat not so miserable.

9 Ways To Keep Your Car Cool All Summer Long

  1. Park in the shade – While this one may seem super obvious, it’s surprising how little people actually do it! Depending on how thick the shade is that you park in, it can really make the world of difference. Even if the shade is a little further away, get those extra steps in, you won’t regret it once you get back in your car.
  2. Park in the opposite direction of the sun – Parking in the shade isn’t always possible, but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. You can still park your car in the opposite direction that the sun in shining! This keeps the sun from shining directly on your leather seats and your steering wheel which will hopefully help avoid any 2nd degree burns 😉
  3. Crack your windows when you park – This gives the hot air a way to escape a little bit rather than locking it all up making your car a sauna
  4. Roll down your back windows – When you get in your car and blast the AC, roll down your back windows. This will let the hot air escape and will cool your car down much faster!
  5. Prep your car before getting in it – Most people only do this when it’s cold out, but it helps to do it when its hot out too! Start your car, roll down your windows, and let your engine warm up for a minute before getting in your car. This will help get all the hot air out and set you up for a much cooler blast of AC once you get in.
  6. Get your windows tinted – Tinting your windows not only gives you more privacy, but it also really keeps your car cooler than it would be without them. Make sure the tint is legal though so you don’t get a ticket!
  7. Purchase a sun shade – Now with these things you have to make a point to remember to put them up before you leave your car, but they’ll definitely help your car plenty of degrees cooler if you can keep track! You can get them just for your windshield or even for every window of your car. Set them up when you park and be welcomed back to a nice and cool car when you return.
  8. Get a car with a lighter interior – Cars with black interior get much hotter much faster, so lighter interior cars (and even cloth interior rather than leather too) will keep you much cooler. While this may be less practical for most of us because we all don’t have the freedom to go and get a new car, this is a great tip for people in the market for a new car and always have (and hate!) the issue of having a hot car.
  9. Move to Alaska – While warmer places can be great, a move to this great state will keep you from ever having to worry about how to keep your car cool again 😉

Keep these tips in mind this summer and remember to never leave your pets, children, or important heat-sensitive belongings in a hot car! Stay cool friends!

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