Car Buying Has A Bad Rap - We're Here To Change That

We seriously love our customers.

We want to say thank you to our amazing customers. You are the reason we exist. Without you, we wouldn’t have the amazing team we have, a cozy office with a fireplace to warm up next to in the winter, and the awesome friendships and memories that have been formed over the years. You’ve encouraged us, you’ve supported us, you’ve been super patient with us when we’ve made mistakes, and you’ve genuinely loved us.

Have you thought about the good we’ve been able to do together? We’ve given away over 22 dependable cars to families in need around Nashville. How cool is that?

Thank you for all that you do,

Team Providence

P.S. – Want to learn how we’re different in 90 seconds?  See below!

The Giving Program Story
"In a sprawling city like Nashville, the gift of a reliable car can absolutely transform someone’s life. The more cars we sell, the more we can donate - and trust us, as much as we like selling cars, it brings us way more joy to give them away."

A defining moment in our company’s history came during one of our old brainstorming sessions when the founders of Providence Auto Group would sit around and ask the question: “How can Providence Auto Group really help people?” The obvious answer is to give people great deals on cars, but we were already going to do that. We wanted to do more. One night after plenty of debate and bouncing dozens of ideas off of each other, somebody came up with it:

“There are single moms struggling to get their kids to school and then hurrying to catch the bus to make it to work on time. There are young couples trying to make ends meet with a baby on the way that have a car, but it breaks down all the time and the heater doesn’t work — and it’s the dead of winter. There are people in our community that desperately need dependable transportation but they can’t afford it. Why don’t we figure out a way to give away cars to families in need?”

That was our defining moment.

To share a little bit of our personal story, we had talked seriously about starting this company for 18 months until the night we came up with the giving idea. We had even come close to signing on the dotted line for a store in Smyrna. But when the Giving Program became part of who we are, it accelerated things. We didn’t even wait to open our doors before we gave away our first car. We took the money we had been saving to start the business and bought a car for a young couple that needed to get home to Florida after their baby had been released from the NICU at a local hospital. Helping that family was awesome!

Since then, we’ve become more intentional with our giving and have partnered with Mercy Multiplied, Thistle FarmsSafe Haven Family Shelter, and most recently End Slavery TN to provide worthy individuals, single parents, and families with dependable transportation. Often, it’s a well cared for trade-in from one of our great customers, like our friend Matt Grimes, who traded in his nice Honda Accord that was used for a recent give.

In a sprawling city like Nashville, the gift of a reliable car can absolutely transform someone’s life. The more cars we sell, the more we can give. Trust us, as much as we love selling cars, giving them away is the best part of our job.

What Our Customers Say
We had a wonderful experience purchasing not one but TWO vehicles from Providence this weekend. This is the first used car buying experience I felt comfortable, with no high pressure atmosphere or hassling. The sales people don't attack you when you arrive!
When Providence says they are "Car people who care," they truly mean it. This was unlike any car buying experience I have ever had; in an amazing way! From the first time I walked onto the lot, each and every person I spoke with was knowledgable, kind, and helpful.
My husband and I purchased a vehicle from Providence Auto Group a couple weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased with our experience! This group is unlike any other car company we've ever been to. We were so impressed with how friendly, honest, and caring the people were!