Thistle Farms and Providence Auto Group Giveaway

One Set Of Wheels At A Time

Every year, hundreds of women in Tennessee seek refuge from lives of prostitution and human trafficking

Hundreds more struggle to break the chains of drug addiction… …or to flee their homes to escape physical or mental abuse.

Sisters, mothers and daughters …

living lives as different from one another as they are alike….

..with one common thread weaving them together… The bright and ever-present hope for a better life.

Thistle Farms and Providence Auto Group Giveaway

Thanks to a unique alliance between Franklin, Tennessee’s Providence Auto Group…. and a driven team of healing partners… the lives of nearly thirty of those women have been.. ‘given a lift’ in that direction… and along with a roadmap to that bright, new future…

the keys to a nearly-new ride from this visionary team of car people on a mission…

to help them get there. This is a story of how four of those lives were given just such a lift…

One set of wheels at a time.

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