‘Tis the Season of Giving: 5 of Our Favorite Heartfelt Giving Stories

Since PAG’s opening day four years ago, our company has worked to give over 32 cars away.

With your help, we won’t be slowing down any time soon. We’re a company that believes in giving back to our community.

The founders of PAG wanted to model their business off of the idea that, “Every car purchased at Providence Auto Group helps us give away our next car to someone in need.”

Right now, we are currently partnered with Mercy Multiplied, Thistle Farms, Safe Haven Family Shelter, and End Slavery TN to provide families and women in need with a car.

Read five short stories about how special the gift of giving truly is.

We hope our stories inspire you to help others, get involved with our company’s mission, or participate in the organizations we are affiliated with.

1. Bringing a Future of Happiness and Smiles to Shawanda


Shawanda was the deserving recipient of our 17th car give-a-way. The emotionally moving picture above shows just how special giving back to your community really is.

With her arms outstretched and her face towards heaven, Shawanda exemplified what it meant to be both grateful and humbled by this gift given to her and her family. She expressed an outburst of appreciation and love to every one around her.

Although Shawanda faced financial and personal difficulties, she never lost her faith in God and her passion to help others. 

This woman is a great example of trusting the Lord even in the face of adversity.

2. LaToya Serves as an Inspiration to Hard-working Single Mothers

giving stories

When we met LaToya, she was a single full-time working mother of four young children. Unfortunately, she faced an enormous amount of stress and pressure due to not having a car.

LaToya’s hard work and dedication to a brighter future and career in nursing inspired us. We wanted to be able to do something to help make sure she accomplished her goals.

This woman’s story is all too familiar to many single mothers, which is something that we hope to help change.

Co-founder of PAG, Mike Zeller, commented that, “Our hope is to eventually give hundreds, if not thousands, of cars away over the course of our business, helping families, single parents and other individuals get back on their feet, while building a great life.”

3. Surviving Against the Odds: Danielle’s Brave Story

giving stories

Addiction and an abusive relationship plagued Danielle’s life before she reached out for help from Mercy Ministries.

Thankfully, Danielle is now a former graduate of the program and on her way to an incredibly successful future. She described that the program really allowed her to heal and find meaning in her life.

Her 2005 Toyota Highlander served as the perfect family vehicle, equipped with portable DVD players for her sons.

Danielle expressed her gratitude in a letter that she kindly wrote to the PAG team. She conveyed that, “There were so many moments in this day that blessed me enormously. Thank you for your compassion and simply being who you are. I left feeling like family.

We don’t believe in happy endings, just new beginnings.  

 4. Destiny Brings Us Together to Help Each Other

giving stories

Our most recent giving story is about a beautiful young a woman named Destiny, who decided to change her life through the support of Nashville’s Mercy Multiplied.

Destiny’s story to bravely leave her dangerous and abusive-ridden life behind inspired us to reach out and provide her with her very own car.

We provided this courageous woman with a like-new Toyota Camry to help support her next endeavors in life.

Operations Manager, Dee Smith, describes that, “Providence Auto Group is much more than just a used car company. It’s a vehicle to change people’s lives.” Dee also explains that working at PAG helps to remind each employee of the power of giving and, “the responsibility we have to share the blessings in our own lives.”

5. Never Doubt That You are Loved

It takes courage to share your story with others. We are so thankful for the men and women who have shared their lives with us.

One of the most important parts of the human experience is to show kindness and love one another. With our own day-to-day problems, we often forget that we are in a much better place than others.

Proverbs 3:27 reminds us to, “not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do it.” Often we forget that we have the power to change someone else’s life.

Here’s to refusing to believe there’s more bad in the world than good. Be someone who proves that.

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  1. Phyllis Bennett
    February 10, 2017

    Good morning! I am a school social worker with Williamson Co Schools and one of my co-workers just purchased a car from you and told me about your giving program. Could someone explain the program, the application process, and if social workers can refer families? I watched the videos and so admire the difference you are making in our community.

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